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Christian Ochei Christian Ochei Christian Ochei
Christian Ochei is a founder, engineer, and music producer. He is the founder and CEO of Stunn. He launched Stunn in 2023 as a solo founder, and has since been leading the design and development of its products.

Early life and education

Christian was born and raised in Nigeria, where he developed an interest in technology and music at an early age. He moved to the United States to pursue higher education, and enrolled at Oral Roberts University (ORU), where he is currently pursuing a degree in computer science. He is passionate about using his skills and talents to further God’s kingdom, and he participates in various missionary activities through ORU missions.


In 2023, Christian founded Stunn, an AI platform that uses natural language processing and computer vision to generate videos from user input.

Christian is also a talented music producer who goes by the stage name Rain Drops. He has published several tracks on YouTube, where he showcases his remixes of popular songs. One of his works is the Rain Drops Remix of Lauren Daigle’s "Rescue". Christian is a versatile and ambitious individual who strives to make a positive impact in the world. He is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. He later joined the first cohort of the Oklahoma Thunder Fellows Program, a prestigious initiative that provides mentorship and training to aspiring tech leaders in Oklahoma. He also worked for the Oklahoma Thunder, one of the leading NBA teams in the United Stats.

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